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We believe that education is not valuable if it does not have current applications in the real world.


We have rich library for our student's reading. We have a huge amount of book collections for every department. So students can extend their knowledge through our libraries.

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At BPSED Technology University we have latest research facility of all the faculties. We always want to make our students smart by giving them latest technology knowledge.
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Founded in United States

The university was created in 1919 to offer advanced education programs to students interested in the technical sciences.

Campus Extended

We have extended six campuses, each of them dedicated to the study of a particular engineering discipline.


Programs Extended

Currently, The BPSED Technology University offers programs in electrical and electronics sciences, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, and mechanical engineering.

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Lecturers & Staff

Our students have the opportunity to learn from world-class faculty members. All our academic staff has long experience and a legitimate purpose of advancing technology skills and knowledge. All of them have been part of internationally-acclaimed engineering research. Between the years 2000 and 2020, we brought on board 12 staff members.

Prof. Dr. Anthony Scalia
University of the year

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