5 Reasons to Choose the BPSED Technology University


BPSED is an internationally-recognized technology university for tertiary education University of eastwood

We transform our students with the confidence and skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

Our first-class education puts emphasis on practical skills and professional relevance in your respective industry upon graduation. At BPSED Technology University, we offer lots of opportunities for our students to become entrepreneurs or work in world-class organizations.

The ultimate goal of our university is to transform the lives of our students. We believe that investing in higher education is securing your future. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right course, and of course, university.

If you’re not sure whether to choose BPSED for your high learning needs, here’re a few reasons to help you make an informed decision:

Reasons to Study at the BPSED Technology University

Higher employability and access to free credit for learning materials

We teach students the skills they need to climb their career ladders. Within six months post-graduation, more than 97% of our students secure employment with top companies worldwide.

Students who meet minimum requirements also have access to free credit for learning materials such as books. We also offer scholarships to needy students to help them achieve their educational goals and full potential like other students.

Students who meet our entry requirements qualify to apply for available scholarships for tuition. Some scholarships we offer also cover personal needs such as course kits, a laptop, or anything you’d like to get with the funds.

What’s more, you don’t have to refund the free credit or scholarship you receive, saving you from student loans.

Student jobs and investing in your future

At BPSED Technology University, you can work on a part-time basis as you learn to earn some money for your upkeep. We have a student employment agency that helps place students for part-time jobs at the university.

You’ll find your student work experience valuable when applying for jobs after graduation. We also give feedback on work done to help students improve their skills.

We’ve invested in modern state-of-the-art facilities and specialist laboratories to support learning at various departments in our university. This is a great way to invest in the future of our learners.

We offer internationally-accredited courses, work experience, and job placements

The technology courses offered at our university are internationally-recognized and accredited by various bodies. The courses range from computer science and technology to engineering degrees.

For instance, our water engineering courses allow related students to learn important units such as how to treat water and convert hard water to soft water.

In the latter case, for instance, our students learn how water softeners for well water work and what’s expected for it to pass through your pipes. Upon graduation, they possess the expertise needed to choose the best filters for specific scenarios.

If you’re a student without prior experience in water technology, you can see the recommendations for various filters such as the Pelican brand. Otherwise, our lecturers provide all the learning materials you need for your specific course.

Our students get an opportunity to gain professional and industry experience through hands-on practice for valuable experience. This is made possible through Erasmus +, mentoring programs, work placements, and study exchanges overseas or abroad.

BPSED Technology University has also partnered with reputable technology organizations and companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Dell, among others. Our learners get a chance to learn from the top minds behind these companies and even get placed for internship positions.

Better career prospects and learning occurs in an urban setting

Every student at our university has access to advise and support for their preferred careers. The career support we offer is made available throughout students’ study period and up to a few years post-graduation.

Our degree courses feature units that help students develop career-oriented skills they’ll find handy when placed for jobs. The skills help our students to progress from being learners to successful professionals.

Our students either further their education or get job employment within a six-month period after graduation. What’s more, our university campus is located in a city, presenting you with better employment and social opportunities.

Our lecturers offer practice-based research and learning

Our tutors and lecturers are among the best in the industry. They’re qualified and experienced to offer teaching services. Students get an opportunity to interact with international researchers in a global environment.

Both researchers and teachers in our university teach students in their respective courses. Students, teachers, and researchers work together for better learning opportunities. This is a critical part of your academic life at BPSED Technology University.

Our diverse learning environment supports learning for all kinds of students, including international students. You also get the opportunity to build international networks with experts in your industry.

We transform teaching through our flexible, practice-based courses. We boast of more than 1200 teaching staff across different disciplines and professions in the technology sector.

As a student at BPSED Technology University, you’ll benefit from the insight, knowledge, and connections our professors bring to the table.