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BPSED Technology University is an institution of higher learning with various exchange programs and technical courses. We have invested heavily in technology equipment, staff, and internships.

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Our all campuses are built on our private asset.

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We are running our university with our own cash.

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We arrange event on every month for our all students.

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It is very easy process to take admission to our university.

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Unlock your possibility with us to become an engineer.

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We have award and reward facilities for our best students.

“We believe that education is not valuable if it does not have current applications in the real world. That's why our students visit industries and factories once every two weeks.”
Marcus Libel

Excellence in education & research

Woman scientist performing experiment in biomedical laboratory
Chemical, Biological, and Biomedical


This department was created in 2014, enabling our students to conduct world-class research. Students who complete this engineering course will graduate with a degree in chemical engineering, biological engineering, or biomedical engineering. The reason why we combined these disciplines is to ensure cooperation and project integration.

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Computer Science and Electrical


The electrical engineering department encompasses computer science courses. The department teaches students how electrical engineering, data, and machine learning can solve today’s problems. We are a collaborative-driven faculty where research is our number one priority. We encourage students to come up with bold ideas that will be the next big thing.

Manager supervisors and a industrial worker in uniform doing control in large metal factory hall and talking.
Civil and Environmental


Our environmental and civil engineers handle issues affecting the general public. Our engineering accreditation department emphasizes student-centric programs and real-time course evaluation. The department was established in 1958, and it currently hosts 500 students. It is one of the few universities rated Tier 1 research university.

worker controlling the work of machine in production line at beverage industry.
Manufacturing Systems


The department combines social science, computers, mathematics, engineering science, and natural science to create an all-around faculty. As a result, we can deploy several skills and design elements that can solve complex problems. This department has 70 students and 12 faculty members.