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About us

Welcome to The BPSED Technology University

BPSED Technology University is an institution of higher learning that was founded in the early 20th century. The founders were concerned that the number of technically oriented universities in the United States was insufficient. When the industrial revolution was entering a new phase, it was necessary that the number of engineers graduating from the university had to increase. As a result, they decided to set up an institution that could cater to engineering students.

Currently, we have six campuses, each of them dedicated to the study of a particular engineering discipline. For instance, we have a fully equipped mechanical engineering school with buses and disposable cars. Students get to learn about mechanical engineering with actual mechanical equipment. This has been our philosophy from the beginning. We believe that education is not valuable if it does not have current applications in the real world. That’s why our students visit industries and factories once every two weeks.

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100 Years Experiences in Education and Teaching

We have many research opportunities and an education advisory committee that will guide you throughout your education career.

Our university emphasizes innovation and research because we believe education should be about current problems.

We require all our students to complete high school and be at least 18 years old.

Our academic calendar usually starts in May and runs to February the next year. Students have the opportunity to choose two semesters or a three-semester system.

Yes we have 5 PhD programs. you can get a doctorate in electrical engineering,  biomechanical engineering, engineering management, mathematics, or computer engineering.

Yes, you can, but your master’s degree must be supported by a different bachelor’s degree.

14 cities in 3 continents

Excellence in research & education


Founded in United States

The university was created in 1919 to offer advanced education programs to students interested in the technical sciences.

Campus Extended

We have extended six campuses, each of them dedicated to the study of a particular engineering discipline.


Programs Extended

Currently, we offer programs in electrical and electronics sciences, civil engineering, petroleum engineering, and mechanical engineering.